The 10 Best Running Belt Options To Store Your Essentials On The Go

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Do you enjoy running or even jogging, but hate having to hold things in your hands? Do you get thirsty on your run but have to leave your water bottle in the car because you have nowhere to put it? Well, look no further, we have found the 10 best running belt options for storage of your essentials on the go.

Have you ever gone on a run and dropped things because you had nothing to carry them in? Well, you are not the only one; many people have purchased running belts because of that reason.

Now, you can carry your items with you, and you will be able you enjoy your run without worry if you need something.

But what exactly is a running belt?

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What Is A Running Belt?

A running belt is similar to a fanny pack but suggested for active people. The belt can carry many things such as your phone, a water bottle, keys, and other small stuff you may require while you are running or walking.

What does a running belt do for you?

What does a running belt have?

Where can you buy a running belt?

How much does the best running belt cost?

How We Reviewed The Best Running Belt

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We know that you take your running seriously and don't have time to waste researching the best running belt, so we took to the internet and found them for you.

We read and compared the reviews to other running belts, and came up with a list for you. Check it out.

Our Top 10 Running Belts

After we finished with comparing reviews, we had to narrow it down to 10 of the best running belts. We did not put the 10 best running belt options in a particular order.

1. Runtopia Super Slim Running Belt

runtopia Super Slim Running Belt, Water Proof Lycra Material,...
  • SLIM & CONCEALABLE - A very slim running belt ensures light-weight and comfortable feeling even when working out. This...
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY - 100% Polyester Fiber for a skin-friendly and comfortable waist belt even when in direct contact with...
  • ELASTICITY - Waists 23" - 52”. The waistband is built of sturdy elastic, the size is adjustable and stretchy to fit...

The Runtopia Super Slim Running Belt is a simple design. It has only one pocket but can fit many objects such as keys, credit cards, cash, and your phone. Runtopia also has a spot for your earbud cord, so you can listen to your music while you run.

The belt is waterproof and has an adjusting elastic strap. It is made from a polyester fiber so it will not scratch your phone. The Runtopia Super Slim Running Belt does not tell you if you can machine wash or have to hand wash.

Amazon customers rated this running belt a 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. There was only one review, however, so that may change. The customer says the belt is lightweight and great for holding keys and credit cards. The price range for this belt is $ to $$. We found this belt only comes in black or grey.

2. Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

sport2people Running Belt for Men and Women, Fanny Pack for Running,...
  • 👨 👩 Suitable FOR MEN & WOMEN: Best Outdoor Running Belt You Can Find! Made of water-resistant spandex that...
  • 📲 SUPER STRETCHY MATERIAL: Our Cell phone holder for running has 2 separated, expandable and stretchy pockets (large...
  • 😊 PLEASURE & SAFETY: Fitted with a special earphone hole to listen to your favorite music and 3 reflective darts for...

The Sport2People Running Pouch Belt has two pockets and is waterproof. One pocket is smaller than the other so that you don't scratch your phone or drop things out when trying to get your phone.

Sport2People says their belt is the best running belt or your money back guarantee. It has a hole made for your earphones. This product does not explain whether to hand wash or to machine wash.

Amazon customers gave this product a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. There are hundreds of reviews for this running belt and the majority of customers say the product is the perfect size for extra small body types and up to extra large body types.

They are also happy you can hide the belt under your clothes, and it doesn't move while running. There are many complaints about the zipper breaking very easy and even receiving the belt with an already broken zipper. The price of this product ranges from $ to $$. The belt comes in seven different colors.

3. Runtasty Winners' Running Fuel Belt

Runtasty [Voted No.1 Hydration Belt] Winners' Running Fuel Belt -...
  • ★ Anti-Slip Technology For Ultimate Fit And Comfort! Designed to be worn on the hips, it fits ANY size from 27" to...
  • ★ 2 Separate Extra-Large Pockets; Touchscreen Compatible Cover! Take calls, check messages, or change your music –...
  • ★ Two Bpa Free Bottles Included – So You Never Run Dry! This dual pocket hydration belt is designed to help you...

Runtasty Running Fuel Belt makes a belt for those who want to carry more with them while running. The company includes two BPA bottles and has a touchscreen compatible cover. You will be able to change your music, answer a call, and text without having to remove your phone from the belt.

The belt has two extra large pockets to hold everything you need. It is made with neoprene and has a separate waterproof pocket to keep your things dry.

Runtasty has a 90-day money back guarantee and includes a bonus E-Book called "Runtasty's 10 Tips for Running Faster, Better, and Longer." The product does not tell us if you can machine wash it or only hand wash it.

Amazon ratings for this product are 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. Customers are pleased with this belt and say they can do long distance runs without the belt moving and love being able to use their touchscreen.

As others say they also enjoy having the belt, they are upset the water bottles are so hard to get out of the belt and very hard to open. It costs between $$ and $$$. We have only found this belt in black.

4. 247 Viz Hydration Running Belt

247 Viz Running Hydration Belt - Improved 2020 Version Fuel Belt, Fits...
  • ADJUSTABLE WAIST FITS ALL SIZES - We've designed our hydration belt to adjust as tightly as you want, minimizing...
  • LARGE POCKET FITS MOST PHONES - Our fanny pack with water bottle holder has a front pocket large enough for most phones,...
  • IMPROVED EASY ACCESS WATER BOTTLES (8 OZ) - No more leaks! We've improved our running belt with water bottle holder to...

The 247 Viz Hydration Running Belt has one pocket in the front that can hold most phones except the larger ones and can hold cash, keys, and credit cards. This belt holds four 8 ounce bottles that are included in the purchase and the containers will not bounce around while running.

This company also has a money back guarantee if you do not like the product. The belt can be worn in a front facing or back facing position and suggested for long distance runners.

The 247 Viz Hydration Running Belt does not say if you must hand wash or if you can machine wash the belt.

The Amazon rating for this product is 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. There are only a little over 20 reviews, but for the most part, everyone is happy with this product.

There are complaints about the water bottles having a bad chemical smell that couldn't be washed out. This belt comes in four different colors and sells for a price range of $$ to $$$.

5. PYFK Running Belt Hydration Waist Pack

PYFK Running Belt Hydration Waist Pack with Water Bottle Holder for...
  • ✔️Fits up to 27oz water bottle(NOT INCLUDED) and our running belt can reduce shaking during your run. Weight: 5.6...
  • ✔️EASY ONE HANDED ACCESS: 45 Degree Bottle Holder Design, feel NO SHAKE while running.
  • ✔️PERSONALIZED FIT: This water fanny pack fits from 23.6in to 44in waist, easy one trim adjustable strap to fit your...

This running belt is made mainly for women and has an adjustable strap you can cut off if it is too long for you. The belt has one pocket to hold your phone or other small belonging and holds one water bottle that is not included with purchase.

The pouch has an antitheft buckle on the zipper and has an inner pocket for your keys to prevent scratches on your phone. It also has an earphone built-in design and night reflection to enhance visibility in the dark.

The product does not state if you can machine wash or must hand wash it.

PYFK Running Belt comes in three colors and has a price range of $16 to $20. Amazon customers rated the product with a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. The customers are happy the belt did not move while running and can hold full water of bottle without bouncing. As a few customers complained, it was too bulky.

6. LotFancy Running Fuel Belt

LotFancy Running Fuel Belt with Water Bottle (2x6oz, BPA Free) –...
  • 🏃【MULTIFUNCTIONAL POUCH 】The 7.5x4 inches waterproof zipper pouch will fit up to 6.5 inches cellphones and hold...
  • 🏃【2 BPA-FREE WATER BOTTLES】Our running hydration belt come with 2 6-ounce BPA FREE leak-proof pull-top water...
  • 🏃【NON-SLIP DESIGN】The elastic nylon straps with buckle clip, gel-based bumps on interior surface of the belt to...

LotFancy Running Fuel Belt is one of the larger belts and has a large pocket. The running belt holds two water bottles that come with the purchase. The LotFancy Running Fuel Belt is waterproof, has a headphone cable hole, and includes two inner pockets to help prevent scratches on your phone.

This company makes the belts with reflective tape, so you are visible in the night. The belt comes in four colors and is adjustable. According to the Amazon review, you can only hand wash the belt.

The price range for LotFancy Running Fuel Belt is between $ to $$. Amazon customers give this belt a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars.

Reviews for this belt are great, and one person even made an update post two years later to state the belt was still in great shape and has held up to long-distance running.

On the other hand, one person was upset the zipper broke on the first day, and the other customer couldn't adjust the product.

7. FreedomVentures Running Belt

Running Belt Waist Pouch for Women & Men, Running Phone Holder,...
  • 🏃 FIT ALL OF YOUR ESSENTIALS IN ONE RUNNING BELT - Don't limit yourself while on the trail. A running fanny pack...
  • 📱 A RUNNING PHONE HOLDER AND SO MUCH MORE - You want a running pouch that fits your phone, keys, earbuds, ID, credit...
  • 🚧 OTHER RUNNING ACCESSORIES AREN'T RELIABLE - The main difference between our runners belt and other running belts is...

The FreedomVentures Running Belt is durable and water resistant. It has one pocket and a headphone hole so you can listen to your music while you run. The belt has a reflective strip across the front of it for nighttime visibly and safety.

Inside, the belt has a divider so that your keys do not scratch your phone. It has a clip on the front of the belt in case you would like to carry things such as pepper spray. The product is machine washable and comes in two colors.

The price range for this product is between $ and $$. Amazon customers give it a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars. There are a little over a hundred reviews for this product.

Amazon customers say the belt is comfortable and an excellent fit for any run. Some customers say the belt is too bulky and the zipper is fragile and broke after just two days.

8. Gritin Running Belt

Gritin Running Belt, Waist Pack Fitness Belt W Headphone, No Color,...
  • Constructed with skin-friendly soft breathable material and adjustable elastic strap,perfect fit for waist...
  • Multiple pockets to store your workout necessities such as cellphones, keys, wallet etc .Convenient one zipper seal...
  • Designed with reflector for safety and visibility when you are active in the dark ,Unique cut out headphone hole for...

The Gritin Running Belt is a straightforward product and only has one pocket with a headphone cord opening. It has a reflective design on the front by the zipper and is waterproof. The belt is machine washable and is quick drying. The Gritin Running Belt has an adjustable elastic waist belt.

It only comes in black. The belt has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. The customers on Amazon say the product is lightweight and excellent for many purposes, like traveling and shopping.

Some customers are upset the zipper broke so quickly, and others say it is too big. The price range for this belt is between $ to $$.

9. URPOWER Running Belt

URPOWER Running Belt Multifunctional Zipper Pockets Water Resistant...
  • NEOPRENE MATERIAL, LIGHTWEIGHT.It is made of water-proof and tear-resistant material and weighs less than 4.5OZ.
  • ZIPPER POCKET. The pocket holds smartphones, keys, money, inhaler, and other essentials.It is compatible with iPhone 6,...
  • Dual-Function.There is a hole for headphone cable in front and two pockets for water bottle on both side.

URPOWER Running Belts comes in a lightweight neoprene material. The belt is waterproof and tear-resistant. It has an adjustable band, reflectors, large pocket, and two water bottle holders. The water bottles come with your purchase, and you have a lifetime guarantee.

The URPOWER Running Belt comes in black and soft blue. The running belt does not state whether or not you can machine wash or if you must hand wash after use.

Amazon customers have given this belt a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. The price range for the running belt is $ and $$. Customers are happy the belt is lightweight, and the bottles are dishwasher safe. Unfortunately, some customers are upset the belt doesn't fit for smaller body shapes.

10. EAZYMATE Fashion Running Belt

No products found.

The EASYMATE Fashion Running Belt comes in thin spandex material. The belt has two pockets and zippers for security. It is also a travel money belt. This running belt comes in three different colors. The belt is not waterproof, and it does not say if you can machine wash it or if you have to hand wash it.

Amazon customers are happy that the product can be hidden under clothes and it is very lightweight. Some of the customers are not pleased with this running belt, saying the belt is a horrible design and doesn't fit larger people well.

It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. The price range for this belt is $ to $$.

Our Final Decision On The Best Running Belt

Our final decision on finding the best running belt was a difficult one. There are so many great belt options available for purchase. It all depends on whether or not you want to carry water or want something simple to carry your keys and phone.

The list we made of the 10 best running belt options has a wide range of prices, reviews, and sizes. So, please read the information we provided to see which running belt would better fit your needs and buy that brand.

Take a moment and let us know which running belt is your favorite in the comment section below.

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