Brooks Ariel Product Line Review: A Look at Its Excellent Features and Specs

Brooks has always stuck by the motto “running makes good things happen.” For years, Brooks shoes and gear have endeavored to do just that – make things better with the best running apparel. The Brooks line offers something for everyone – men, women, and children.

Brooks Ariel offers a range of designs for women’s running shoes, keeping comfort at the core. The Brooks Ariel series is a highly-cushioned running shoe, specially designed for women.

The requirements for male and female running shoes are specific. The differences are not simply in design and style, but in the very engineering.

To assess whether the Brooks Ariel series does justice to what women need in a good pair of running shoes, read our review.


The Brooks Ariel series resolves the common issue of overpronation (when the foot bends inwards towards the arch, leading to injury). The latest in the series, Brooks Ariel 2018 promises comfort and protection for women’s feet.

The engineering involves a mesh upper for enhanced breathability and a toe box with extra space, so there’s enough wiggle room.

With features that provide midfoot support, ankle-cushioning, and arch support, Brooks Ariel boasts of an advanced engineering process that understands women’s running needs.

Product Specifications


Brooks Ariel is meant to provide progressive support for walking or running. There are variations in width for women’s footwear to customize according to the wearer’s needs. B is for standard width, 2A for narrow, D for wide, and 2E for extra wide.


At 11.4oz/323.2g (Brooks Ariel 2016) and 11.8oz/334.5g (Brooks Ariel 2018), the series offers lightweight and supportive shoes that are meant to keep unaligned strides in check.


The series offers a newly engineered mesh upper which provides enhanced breathability and prevents the feet from sweating. The special fit has a spacious toe box at the front, a structured saddle, and an external heel count for stability.


The Super DNA midsole of the Brooks Ariel 2018, with a 12mm drop, provides 25 percent more support and cushioning than the standard midsole in Brooks’ other products.

The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) brings your stride back to its natural alignment as you run, to avoid overpronation.


The outsole comes with Omega Flex Grooves which provides extra flexibility and support. The Durable HPR Green (environment-friendly silica) enhances the durability of the shoe and improves grip.


The Brooks Ariel series is a versatile line, suitable for wearing indoors and outdoors for walking, running or wearing casually.

Pricing and Availability

The Brooks Ariel 2018 and the previous variants are available on Amazon. The prices fluctuate according to the size, width, and availability. The Brooks Ariel 2016 and 2018 are the most widely available variants currently.

The series is available for purchase online on Amazon, Zappos and Brooks Running.

How Does It Compare

To truly assess whether Brooks Ariel delivers as much as it promises, we must also take into account other options available in the market. Here are some within the same price range.

Mizuno Women's Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe
  • MIZUNO WAVE: Wave sets the standard for running shoe technologies.
  • The Wave Creation series is all about taking cushioning to the absolute max, in a way that only Mizuno can do
  • Mizuno achieves this with the Infinity Wave, complete with a new construction. This is the softest, bounciest Wave Creation to date
  • New Premium Sockliner for added comfort
  • Air Mesh Upper for superior feel, breathability, and comfort.

The Mizuno Wave series comes with similar features that focus on motion control in women’s shoes. There have been several variants of the Wave series, but the Wave Creation comes closest in terms of the price range.

  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality

The Mizuno Wave Creation series is lightweight with an air mesh upper for breathability and an Infinity Wave in the outsole that’s responsive and provides cushioning for high mileage. Many users, however, have complained about a narrow toe box and limited space in the front.

New Balance Men's 1340v3 Running Shoe
  • TRUFUSE technologhy
  • ABZORB midsole
  • Stabilicore
  • Removable insert

The New Balance 1340 is a versatile motion control shoe, available for both men and women.

  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality

The trainers have extra cushioning for those with a heavier tread or those looking to walk or run long distances. It is also Medicare-rated as a diabetic shoe.

Pros and Cons

Finally, after having looked at the features Brooks Ariel and its competitors offer, here are some pros and cons that emerge for the Brooks Ariel series.

The trainers provide enhanced cushioning and support without compromising on weight. The Brooks Ariel is lightweight, suited for running or walking long distances.

The shoes are designed to prevent overpronation, providing the wearer with the right cushioning and support to avoid injury and keeping the steps aligned.

The shoes have a roomy toe box, with ample space and comfort in the front. With a variety of options, from narrow to extra wide, the toes don’t have to sit snugly, irrespective of the wearer’s foot shape.

While the Brooks Ariel 2016 has two color options, the latest 2018 version has only one. This is a negative compared to the various options available in the Mizuno Wave series.

With a starting price of $139, the Brooks Ariel series is not the most affordable shoe in the market. Both the Mizuno Wave and the New Balance offerings are marginally cheaper than Brooks’.Some users complain of taking time to break into the shoes.


  • Lightweight
  • Motion Control
  • Spacious Toe Box


  • Color Options
  • Price
  • Time to Break-In

The Final Verdict

With all the information at hand, the Brooks Ariel series does seem to offer a variety of different and exciting features. As far as motion control shoes go, the Brooks Ariel undoubtedly is a great offering.

With extra cushioning and enhanced mid and outsole, the trainer is perfect for women vulnerable to overpronation. Besides, with sizes up to 13, some men may also find the perfect fit for themselves.

Though it’s not the most affordable pair of trainers in the market, given the support and durability it offers, the Brooks Ariel may be a worthy investment. We give it 4/5 stars for quality, engineering, and comfort. Go get your own pair!

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