Nike Pegasus Women’s | Reviews of Running Shoes & Gear

Nike Pegasus Women’s review

With full-length Zoom Air and soft foam, the Nike Pegasus Women’s shoe is designed especially for the female foot. Does it hold its ground? The Nike Pegasus series is a popular and well-loved line that caters to runners at every stage – beginners or veterans. The latest in the series, the Air Zoom Pegasus 35, …

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Mizuno Wave Sky | Running Gear that Provides Better Comfort

Mizuno Wave Sky

Mizuno shoes are known to be reliable options for strong and sturdy running shoes. However, finding the specific Mizuno shoe that will meet all of your needs can be hard to do. The best way to figure out what Mizuno shoe to get is to learn all there is to learn about the shoe and compare …

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Hoka Running Shoes Review: A Lightweight And Comfortable Option

Hoka Running Shoes Review

Put on a pair of running shoes from Hoka One One, they say, and it’s “time to fly.” That may seem hard to believe, given that virtually every Hoka running shoes review refers to the brand’s signature feature: its extra high stack of cushioning. But Hoka One One (pronounced O-nay O-nay), based in California, has …

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Enko Running Shoes Review: Premium Cushioning and a Double Sole

Enko Running Shoes Review

If you’re looking for running shoes that offer more cushioning than any running shoes on the market, you might be wondering if Enko Running Shoes are the right fit for your needs. That’s probably why you were searching for an Enko Running Shoes review. Running is one of the best exercises for maintaining good health. …

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Asics GT 2000 | Review Of Different Running Shoes & Gear

asics gt 2000 review

Asics offers clothing, shoes, and other gear to men, women, and children, and is beloved by running enthusiasts of all kinds. The Asics GT series is the go-to shoe for all kinds of runners and has won numerous awards. It has also drawn widespread acclaim from athletes. Overview The latest variant in this series, the …

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Altra Running Shoes Review: A Zero Drop Pair Designed To Fit Perfectly

Altra Running Shoes Review

You can’t get very far into an Altra running shoes review without coming across two of the most mysterious words in the multi-billion-dollar business of sporting goods. Zero drop. Sounds a little like something a football coach might yell at his star wide-receiver, right? Actually, zero drop refers to a specification that’s widely discussed in the …

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