Nike Flyknit Women’s Running Gear Review

Nike is no stranger to us when we are exploring the sports shoes and gear segment.

It is a household name that does not need any recognition due it being a market leader all thanks to the great quality of materials and the wide variety that it provides potential sportspersons.

The beauty about Nike is that it has something to offer to everyone right from a pro sportsman to an amateur enthusiast who knows nothing about the technicalities of sports shoes and gear.

We will be exploring the Nike Flyknit Women’s shoes in this article to offer more insight into what goes on behind the creation of these fabulous pairs.


The Nike Flyknit range has been designed with special care using high-strength fibers to provide greater stability and flexibility to your shoe in addition to keeping it lightweight.

It encompasses different types of knit patterns to create the perfect upper by using data collected over more than 40 years to determine which pattern is to be used in which area of the foot. The range is available for various sports like running, soccer and basketball.

Product Specifications

Nike Womens Free RN Flyknit 2017 Running Shoes Black

Size and Fit

The shoe offers a comfortable fit to people whose foot dimensions range from narrow to medium since the heel, forefoot, and midfoot areas have medium-fitting dimensions.


The outsole has been created using the waffle-skin carbon rubbers that provide great traction and are hence ideal for running.


Nike has used Phylon to create a lightweight midsole. Phylon is made using EVA foam pellets which provide a lighter feel to the shoe and makes it more responsive.


The upper showcases Nike’s unique Flyknit design to deliver a smooth look that offers greater durability and breathability. It is woven using an ultra-thin yarn that fits like a sock.


The shoe weighs a mere 6 oz for a men’s size 10 which states that smaller sizes weigh even lighter! This lightweight feature makes the shoe ideal for running.

Pricing and Availability

Since the Nike Flyknit range is available for various sports, it comes in various models such as LunarEpic, Air VaporMax, and Air Max Thea Ultra. These models vary in their prices and are available in various retailers.

You can also buy these variants from online e-commerce websites like Amazon and Zappos for a discount.

How Does It Compare

While we have already explored some basic product specifications of the Nike Flyknit, what remains to be seen is how it fares when compared to other brands providing shoes in the same categories.

The Nike Flyknit is created by using the latest innovation of ultra-thin yarn which is knitted in different patterns over different areas of the foot. Designed to be flexible and supportive, this model will fit like a sock on your feet.


3.5 Stars

Though the model uses innovation for providing a lightweight product that does not create any fitting woes, it is a bit expensive when compared to other brands that provide similar support and flexibility.

Ease of Use

4.5 Stars

This ultralight shoe is designed for a superior fit and comfort. It is an ideal fit for people who fall under the narrow to medium foot dimensions.

Build Quality

4.5 Stars

Nike has upped its game by introducing the usage of multiple knit patterns to provide a suitable support to a sportsman’s foot.

Another household name, Adidas offers some stiff competition to Nike when it comes to introducing the latest sports shoes and gear. The Adidas Ultra Boost is a running shoe that promises to offer great comfort and durability.


3.5 Stars

The retail price of this shoe depends on the size being purchased. This range makes the shoe a bit costlier for those who are on a tight budget.

Ease of Use

4 Stars

The shoe is very comfortable for use due to the energy returning boost feature that provides great underfoot cushioning and provides better support while running.

Build Quality

4 Stars

Dubbed as ‘the best running shoe’ ever by Adidas, this model provides great support and durability with the Boost midsole foam and a stretch web outsole.

The Asics Kanmei is designed for providing the ultimate comfort for runners who look for conventional comfort. It is a shoe that is designed for the road and focuses on just that.


4.5 Stars

The Asics Kanmei is priced economically which makes it a great choice for people who are looking for a basic running shoe without much regard for style.

Ease of Use

3.5 Stars

The shoe design works well and provides adequate comfort to runners. However, the shoe takes some time to adjust to the foot and may be uncomfortable to use for the first few runs.

Build Quality

4 Stars

The underfoot material is created out of lightweight foam that provides greater flexibility and the rubber placed on the underside protects the foam to provide better traction.

Pros and Cons

The Nike Flyknit range offered for women are extremely comfortable due to their lesser weight. The shoe provides great breathability as it has been made using an ultra-thin yarn that paves the way for better circulation of air.

The shoe is also very comfortable for use as it will fit your shoe perfectly and help you focus on your sport.

The underfoot is springy and thus provides a better response while the shoe is used during running and other sports.

It also provides an excellent traction if you are a runner on road terrain. The model is stylish and comes in various color options.

However, this shoe model is a bit expensive when compared to variants from other competitive brands. The shoe width is narrow and won’t fit well if you have broad feet.

There are durability issues as the upper is lightweight and tends to develop holes with regular use.


  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight
  • Provides great breathability
  • Perfectly fits
  • Provides a better response
  • Excellent traction
  • Stylish and comes in various colors


  • A bit pricey compared to its competitors
  • Not ideal for broad feet
  • Durability issues on the upper

The Verdict

4/5 stars

The Nike Flyknit range is a great choice for women who are looking to engage in sports like running. It is also a good option to use during training. It has been created using the best technology and innovation that the shoe industry has to offer.

With features like support and breathability in addition to being lightweight make it a good choice for use despite its high-cost bracket. Though the overall durability is good, regular wear and tear may give it a shorter life than expected.

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