A global leader in the sports segment, Nike outdoes itself with every new launch. Here, we will review the Nike Free 5.0, the latest model in the Nike Free product line, and assess what makes it a hotshot in the running shoe segment.

Product Overview

Nike Free 5.0 is one of the highest-rated products in Nike Free line of running shoes. Built to provide runners with comfort, flexibility, and durability, the shoe boasts a minimalistic yet trendy design.

Nike Free 5.0 is primarily for dry roads and indoor workout sessions. It has a snug fit that follows the natural movement of your foot, allowing for better mobility, responsiveness and traction.

Product Specifications

  • Weight
  • Upper
  • Midsole
  • Outsole
  • Sturdiness

The Nike Free 5.0 has BRS 1000 rubber placements in the areas most prone to wear and tear, making it sturdier. The mesh design is also highly durable.

Suitable Turf

Nike Free 5.0 works best on dry roads and indoor treadmills. While it is water-resistant, it does not fare well in wet terrains. Wearing it during off-road runs is a bad idea since the thin sole doesn’t offer protection against hard surfaces.

Heel Drop and Height

The heel height is 21mm for both men and women. The heel-to-toe drop is 8mm – 2mm lower than the standard 10mm due to the heel cushioning and thick midsole that also works as the outsole.

Style and Design

With a minimalistic design, Nike Free 5.0 can also be worn casually. It comes in 31 colors.

Pricing and Availability

The Nike Free 5.0’s price varies according to its availability and size. The model is available on most online stores like Amazon and Foot Locker.

How It Compares

Let’s see how Nike Free 5.0 compares to some of its closest alternatives.

  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality

Nike Free 5.0 enables runners’ swiftness and agility, but it might not suit those looking for more arch support. On the whole, however, it almost makes you feel you’re running barefoot!

Asics Gel Kayano 24 is the latest in the Gel Kayano series. It is popular for its adaptive and comfortable fit and advanced technical features.

  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality

Asics Gel Kayano 24 offers great stability and protection to runners, specifically overpronators, along with a comfortable fit and high traction.

A flagship product line from Brooks and an update to Adrenaline GTS 18 released last year, Adrenaline GTS 19 is a lightweight running shoe. It comes in many colors and is known for its stability and arch support.

  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 delivers a smooth performance with greater flexibility. Yet, many reviews state that it falls short on durability, design, and stability.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at makes the Nike Free 5.0 work (or not work) for you:

Nike Free 5.0 uses Flywire cables, pressure mapping, motion capture, Phyllite technology, and Nike Free technology to make the shoe one of the most technically-sound running trainers in the market.

The hexagonal mesh design on the outsole and the Phylite midsole offer great flexibility and enable fluid movement while allowing breathability since the shoes adapt to the natural movement of the runner rather the other way round.

At 226g, the Nike Free 5. 0 is one of the most lightweight shoes in the market. The BRS 1000 carbon rubber provides a formidable sturdiness to the shoe, making it more resilient.

This also gives it a better shock absorption ability and traction. Nike Free 5.0 is exemplary when it comes to comfort.

It provides quality cushioning, Flywire cables for adjustable laces, easy airflow, and a bootie structure.

With a heel to toe drop of 8mm, Nike Free 5.0 isn’t for runners who need higher arch support. The shoe is specifically built for road running and does not protect you against rough surfaces or hard stones which may get trapped in the hexagonal mesh.


  • Advanced Technology
  • Highly Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Higher Endurance
  • Extremely Comfortable


  • Less Arch Support
  • Not for Rough Terrains

The Verdict

Nike Free 5.0 delivers on nearly everything a casual or professional runner looks for. It offers absolute comfort and a minimalistic structure.

You might need some time to break into them, however. If you’re looking for a lightweight shoe for natural running, this is the option for you.

The shoe uses durable yet light materials to keep the weight low while providing excellent tractability. The hexagonal grooves allow the shoe to imitate your foot’s movement and let you run smoothly.

All things considered, we’d give Nike Free 5.0 a rating of 4.5. Give them a shot and change the way you run!