Nike Lunarglide Women’s Running Gear Review

Nike is one of the leading names in the sports shoes and gear segment without any need for a formal introduction.

It has established itself as a leader in the market with its innovative creation – the Nike Lunarglide women’s range that offers better flexibility and traction.

The Nike Lunarglide range is available in various models but we will be focusing on their latest offering, the Lunarglide 9.

Though available for both men and women, we will be focusing on the aspects that make it a great fit for women.


The Nike Lunarglide has been launched with a special focus on people who suffer from overpronation. In simple words, it has been designed to cater to people who have flat feet and face difficulties while training and running.

However, this does not mean that it is not crafted for others. It supports a neutral design which is suitable for everyone to use. The Nike Lunarglide promises exceptional cushioning and comfort levels while providing better circulation of air.

Product Specifications

Size and Fit

This shoe is best for people with narrow to medium foot dimensions. The Flywire cords secure your foot without being too tight and affecting the movement of your foot. The width offered for a female foot is B.


The outsole is crafted out of soft rubber that provides a good amount of cushioning while the laser cuts offer better flexibility. The outsole also features four pods spread over the shoe length to offer better traction and grip.


The midsole is strategically created using Lunarlon foam and the standard Nike Dynamic Support system to offer support to those who have a mild-to-medium overpronation.


The Nike Lunarglide’s upper is made using a jacquard style mesh which is woven in an irregular pattern to provide increased breathability. The inner sleeve is padded well to ensure that you do not face any pressure resistance from lace tie-ups.


The Nike Lunarglide is surprisingly light in weight despite weighing 9.30 ounces. It is a comfortable shoe that provides better traction and stability for runners who suffer from overpronation.


The use of a synthetic mesh and the Lunarlon foam ensures better durability to the shoe. It can be used daily for various purposes such as running and training in the gym.


While the shoe as a whole provides a comfortable feel, special efforts have been taken to create the midsole for superb comfort. The material used in the upper is also quite soft and does not affect your skin even after a long run.

Pricing and Availability

The Nike Lunarglide is available for a retail price within the competitive to premium price range. The price is really great given the average cost of terrain shoes. It will certainly not dissuade buyers since the cost is not exorbitant.

It is currently available on Amazon and other online e-commerce websites like Zappos and RoadRunner Sports.

How Does It Compare

While product specifications may not be enough to decide on buying the product, we can always take a look at similar products offered by competitors as it would help us make a better and more informed buying decision.

While product specifications may not be enough to decide on buying the product, we can always take a look at similar products offered by competitors as it would help us make a better and more informed buying decision.


4.5 Stars

The Nike Lunarglide is priced perfectly considering the stability aspect. Such shoes tend to be expensive but Nike has assured us once again that it is definitely a leader in the sports shoes and gear segment.

Ease of Use

5 Stars

The shoe is very easy to put on and go on a run due to the use of Lunarlon foam and the Nike Dynamic Support system in place. It also provides better breathability as runners can be assured of a flexible and dry run.

Build Quality

4.5 Stars

Nike has used some of the best innovations in the Lunarglide range. With an ultra-light upper made using an almost one-piece mesh to using laser cuts for better flexibility, it gets full marks for its dynamic design.

The Brooks Ravenna is a lightweight shoe designed to offer flexibility and increased support. Like the Nike Lunarglide, this version too has been developed for offering greater comfort and flexibility to people with overpronation.


4.5 Stars

Brooks Ravenna 9 has a very affordable and reasonable price which is again good considering its special construction and usability.

Ease of Use

4 Stars

The shoe tends to be tight-fitting despite being available in various widths. However, it provides excellent stability even when used on an incline.

Build Quality

4 Stars

The shoe has been built well by using the Caterpillar Crash Pad integrated into the midsole foam for a better comfort. Flex grooves are also provided under the heels to offer better shock absorption.

A lightweight running shoe that has been designed as a solution to overpronation, the Adidas Adizero Tempo 9 provides good support on the road.


4 Stars

The shoe has been priced in almost the same range as that of the other shoes belonging to the same category.

Ease of Use

4.5 Stars

Adidas has used Microsuede fabric to provide a better grip and ensure foot security. It also offers better midfoot support with the help of its Torsion System.

Build Quality

4.5 Stars

The brand is a highly popular choice when it comes to the sports shoe segment and it lives up to the expectations by offering some great quality.

Pros and Cons

The shoe is extremely lightweight for a stability shoe and is also priced economically. The inner sole lining is plush and the tongue and collar too are designed to provide increased comfort levels.

The upper is created using a special mesh that provides better breathability and allows you to cover long distances by keeping your foot dry and cool.

This shoe is an excellent option for you if you suffer from flat feet. The shoe fits your foot perfectly without creating additional pressure from the upper while running or training.

The shoe is suitable for people with narrow to medium foot width and does not really fit well on people with broad feet.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Increased comfort levels
  • Better breathability
  • Ideal for flat-footed people
  • Fits perfectly


  • Doesn’t suit people with broad feet

The Verdict

The Nike Lunarglide has been designed especially for people with flat feet and it holds true to it.

It has used innovative technology to create a shoe that is bound to become a favorite even among people who do not have overpronation.

The price is also quite economical considering the general price range of stability shoes which prompts us to give it a 4.5-star rating!

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