Nike has a long-standing reputation for creating shoes that focus on the comfort of the individual.

Over the years, it has launched numerous lines of such shoes that cater to runners, be it neutral or overpronators, for both men and women.

Nike Vomero is a series known for shoes that offer superior cushioning and comfort along with being aesthetically appealing.

Let’s check out the latest launch in the series for the women’s version, Nike Vomero 13 Women’s running shoe.

Product Overview

The latest in the Nike Vomero series, Nike Vomero 13 is popular among the runners for the comfortable experience it offers along with boasting an attractive design.

Nike Vomero 13 Women’s running shoe has a knit upper, soft foam midsole, and a thick carbon rubber outsole offering great traction. It is most suitable for running on roads or for indoor running and light trails.

Product Specifications

WeightFor a running shoe meant for neutral runners, Nike Vomero 13 Women’s weighs moderately at 251g. The weight is increased due to the carbon rubber outsole and the multiple layers of cushioning as the midsole foam. However, it does not feel heavy due to the high comfort material and breathable upper, along with being highly responsive.
TractionThe upper features an engineered mesh with synthetic overlays on top made from a material that’s light and feels like cloth. It is softer and lighter than most of the other uppers and offers great breathability. The lacing system along with the overlays make for a secure placement of foot and avoid it from shifting.

It also features the popular Dynamic Fit system that ensures a comfortable and adjustable experience. The inside bootie of ¾ length also enhances the snug fit and makes sure that the runner does not have any irritation while wearing the shoe.  

The cushioned collar adds to the support and prevents any discomfort with the wear.

MidsoleThe midsole is made to add to the flexibility of the foot by featuring a Lunar foam that is extremely soft and agile. The cushion core is wrapped in a carrier that makes it durable without taking away from responsiveness. The midsole works well in shock absorption due to the Zoom Air, compressed air pockets in the heel and forefoot areas. Extra cushioning is provided in the form of a molded sockliner on top the main cushioning core.
OutsoleA combination of BRS-1000 and Dura-DS rubber in the outsole make it highly resilient and durable. It provides great traction on hard surfaces and helps runners that tend to strike through their heels. The flex grooves add to the flexibility and enable the shoe to imitate the natural movement of the foot, lessening rigidity. A rubber crash rail has been added to avoid any injury from landing and ensure smooth running by improving the heel to toe transitions.
Heel Drop and HeightNike Vomero 13 Women’s shoe features a heel to toe drop of 10mm with a heel height of 31mm and a forefoot height of 21mm. The drop makes for high responsiveness and more cushioning to avoid impact lendings. The compressed air pockets in the heel also add to the shock absorption.

Pricing and Availability

The maximum retail price of Nike Vomero 13 Women’s running shoe is $, marking its position is a highly competitive range of running shoes with similar features.

Currently, the runner can be bought on Nike’s website for the same MRP, $. It is also available on Amazon with a choice of over 10 different colors depending on the size of the shoe. The size 10 B (M) is available for $ in 4 different colors.

You can also buy it on RoadRunnerSports for $, again with multiple color options.

How It Compares

Nike Vomero 13 Women’s is known for its comfort cushioning and high responsiveness. Let’s see how it fares as compared to its closest alternatives in the similar price range.

Nike Vomero 13 Women’s

PriceAt $, Nike Vomero 13 Women’s runners is slightly expensive but sets off the price due to the features and the level of comfort it offers.
Ease of UseThe runner offers excellent comfort due to high cushioning and use of Nike’s technology for a secure fit. The Dynamic Fit technology and the Flywire laces ensure that the foot does not shift. The midsole is highly responsive and the Lunar foam makes for a flexible ride. The additional sockline and the anatomical flex grooves in the outsole also adds to the support, traction and cushioning and thus, more comfort.
Build QualityThe shoe is built to offer optimum durability by using thick BRS-1000 carbon rubber in the outsole along with the Dura-DS rubber. The additional crash rail in the heel adds to avoid impact through heel strikes. The upper is made from light material and knit in a way that it’s breathable and soft. The toe box is a bit narrow and the weight is a bit heavier for a neutral running shoe.

Brooks Glycerin 15

Meant for light workouts and neutral to mid-level running, Brooks Glycerin 15 is a lightweight shoe that offers great cushioning and flexibility. The manufacturer uses its proprietary technologies like Super DNA midsole and 3D Print upper to ensure that the shoe offers a smooth ride.

PriceBrooks Glycerin 15 has an MRP of $, which is significantly over the price range that most other premium brands runners fall in, making it an expensive option.
Ease of UseThe shoe has been raved about by its users for the plush, comfortable ride it offers. Brooks Glycerine focuses on offering extreme comfort through its amazing cushioning. The Super DNA midsole ensures great flexibility and a responsive ride. The upper is wide enough to incorporate ample breathability, with a thickly padded tongue and a smooth collar.
Build QualityThe women’s version of Brooks Glycerin 15 weighs 261g, which is one of the lightest launched by the brand in this line. The outsole features ideal pressure zones to spread the impact of landing and a segmented crash pad for a better heel to toe transitions. The HPR Plus material also increases traction and resilience. There isn’t enough arch support, though, and some runners complained of instability.

Asics Gel Nimbus 19

PricePriced at $, Asics Gel Nimbus 19 is a lot on the expensive side. Most of the runners in the premium shoe segment fall under $.
Ease of UseThe shoe features the FlyteFoam technology in the midsole for a responsive and comfortable ride. The anti-bacterial sockliner in the upper also ensures that the foot remains dry and irritation-free. The forefoot is also more flexible and the FluidRide midsole offers more cushioning and responsiveness.
Build QualityAsics Gel Nimbus 19 is a lightweight running shoe with a durable DuraSponge carbon rubber outsole. The Gel cushioning system in the midsole offers greater shock absorption and better transitions. The seamless upper featuring a mesh makes for better breathability and also a snug and secure foot placement. The shoe also offers additional heel support through the Heel Clutching System technology. It does have a narrow toe box and does not measure well according to its sizes.

Pros and Cons

Let’s see what makes and breaks Nike Vomero 13 Women’ running shoe.


  • Extra Cushioning

The extra layers of cushioning in the midsole along with Lunar foam and the additional crash rail in the heel make for a highly cushioned ride.

  • Durability

The BRS-1000 carbon rubber in the outsole with the Dura-DS rubber ensure high durability of the shoe and resilience from wearing down on asphalt surfaces. The Zoom Air bags and the crash rail also add to the sturdiness by providing extra support for shock absorption.

  • Responsiveness

The use of core Lunar foam in the midsole ensures a highly responsive ride. The Dynamic Fit technology and the interconnected lacing system make way for a snug fit and strong foot placement. The extra layer of cushioning by the molded sockliner and deep flex grooves in the outsole, all add to create an overall flexible and responsive ride.

  • Design

Nike is known for creating shoes that apart from being comfortable and technically sound are highly trendy in design and appeal to the fashion conscious.

Runners looking for a shoe that is good to look at without compromising on its quality will be happy with the availability of multiple colors and an overall catchy design.


  • Heavy

For a neutral shoe, Nike Vomero 13 Women’s can be considered a bit on the heavier end weighing 251g. The extra cushioning levels add to the weight but it is set off due to the high traction and the mobility of the shoe.

  • Slightly Expensive

Priced at $, it is relatively expensive for a running shoe. But the Nike brand and the ample comfort features offered by the shoe more than compensate for the price.

  • Narrow and Rigid

The forefoot was reviewed as being a little cramped by some users as well as some runners experienced slight rigidity in the underfoot to the Zoom Air bags.

The Benefits of Good Running Shoes

There are many benefits to owning a good pair of running shoes. Below are some of the main reasons why you should own a good pair of running shoes:

Midsole Foot Cushioning

Midsole cushioning is one of the most important benefits associated with using running shoes. The foot cushioning provided by running shoes can reduce some of the stress placed on the ankles, toes, and heel during a run.

This makes the act of running much safer and a lot more comfortable. Appropriate midsole cushioning can also help to alleviate or prevent any back, hip, or knee pain as it improves body mechanics.

Arch Support

For people who have flat feet, arch support is essential. With this in mind, arch support is a major benefit for most avid exercisers.

Although flat-footed runners may get the most benefit from arch support, even people with high natural arches can benefit from the right kind of support.

Injury Prevention

In a lot of cases, running shoes can help to prevent injury. It has been found that midsole cushioning and arch support as mentioned above can help to prevent overuse injuries such as stress fractures, tendonitis, and joint pain. Running shoes also protect the feet from cuts and scrapes.

Improved Athletic Performance

People who use the right kind of running shoes can usually experience greater athletic improvement over people who do not.

This is due to several factors including improved running capacity and greater comfort. Therefore, competitive runners greatly benefit from a good running shoe.

The Verdict

Nike Vomero 13 Women’s shoe is a neutral running shoe built to offer maximum comfort to the runner. It is durable and provides high responsiveness for a smooth and flexible ride.

Using Nike’s technologies like the Dynamic Fit system that keeps the fit secure and the Zoom Air bags that used compressed air to enhance shock absorption, along with the Lunar foam and engineered mesh upper for more cushioning, the shoe has turned out of to be a great pair of comfort and support.

It is a bit heavy and is not suitable for runners looking for higher arch support due to 10mm heel drop.

Overall, Nike Vomero 13 Women’s shoe receives a solid rating of 4.5 on 5. If you are in the market looking for a shoe with ample cushioning and responsiveness while also being attractive in its design, give the pair a try.